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Worm Farming

Another form of composting is worm farming also known as vermiculture. This type of composting uses similar principles to other composting options but does not require heat rather a type of worm known as a Tiger worm to breakdown the foodwaste.  Tiger worms are identified by their alternating red and yellow bands.

As Tiger worms digest the foodwaste they excrete vermicasts and a liquid referred to as worm tea, worm juice and liquid gold.  These bi products contain essential potassium, nitrogen phosphorous which are in higher concentrate then can be found in ordinary soil which is beneficial for plant growth.

Setting up a home (referred to as a worm farm) for the Tiger worms is relatively easy with a variety of materials and designs being on offer depending on how ambitious one feels.  Provided you follow guidelines of how to manage and maintain a worm bin you will have great success!

Tiger worms like humans have their likes and dislikes where food is concerned so it is important to make sure that spicy foods, onions, garlic, meat, cheese, citrus, bread/flour are kept out of their diet.

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To download a PDF of what to feed worms, click here