Bring in your old computers, fans, phones, printers, TV's and much more! 


Eco Store Refill Station

We now have an Eco Store refill station in store!

Bring your empty containers in and choose from a range of eco-friendly products for us to fill for you.


Car Batteries

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to take standard (lead acid) car batteries


Cooking Oil

Sorry we don't take cooking oil but Beards Environmental does accept a variety of waste oil.

Beards Environmental 

107 Henderson Road, Woolwich, Hastings 4175

06-879 5800




Why not reuse and see if you can find any second hand devices to suit your needs!



Site tours available for schools in the Hastings district.


Electric Blankets

We can take electric blankets, however as there is a lot of waste from these items they incur the same charge as a small appliance ($7)



Sorry we don't take any paints but Resene runs a PaintWise service for recycling paint. 

All criteria for what they accept is on their website or visit them instore. 

Resene, Southland Road, Hastings




Batteries, coffee capsules, oral care products and old cell phones are just a few specialist items we recycle.



Services small and large events to make sure waste ends up in the right place.



Sorry we don't take whiteware but many metal recyclers do

Hawke's Bay Scrap Stevens Place

East Coast Scrap,Omahu Road

Sims, Angus Place, Onekawa or

Call Appliance Graveyard 027 641 3745 



Sorry we don't accept any curtains but the Red Cross runs a Curtain Bank where you can drop off your used, but not soiled curtains.

Contact Bonnie the Curtain Bank Co-ordinator on 0291210299

Hastings Drop Off: 823 Heretaunga St

Napier Drop Off: 35 Cadbury St

Any queries email curtainbankhb@redcross.nz


We can take electric blankets, however as there is a lot of waste from these items they incur the same charge as a small appliance ($7)

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alum screw caps
Oral Care
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Hawke's Bay Sustainable Businesses and Organisations

Below is a list of Hawke's Bay-based businesses and organisations that offer products or services that support sustainable living. If your business would like to be listed on this page, please email us for a registration form.


  • Freenergy provides solar solutions for power generation, water heating, and pool heating. They offer a wide range of products and professional advice.
    Contact Aaron Duncan on 021 375 013 or 06 870 1088 or by email for more information
    Freenergy website

  • Energy NZ's Senior Energy Consultant, Ross Grant, donated his time and expertise to undertake an energy audit for the Environment Centre. We don't use much electricity here, but it was still really interesting and valuable to see where we can make savings. Thanks, Ross and Energy NZ for your help!

  • Local electricians Laser Electrical kindly donated their time and materials to install the Environment Centre's new LED lights - thanks, guys! They're awesome, friendly people who did a quick, tidy job.

  • BLS (or Business Lighting Solutions) is an Auckland based company specialising in the manufacture of energy-efficient LED lights for the business sector. BLS kindly supplied all of the Environment Centre's LED light tubes which replaced our old, inefficient flourescent tubes.

Water and plumbing

  • Contact Paul from Lifestyle Plumbing and Drainage for sustainable solutions for water. Paul installs and maintains rainwater systems, composting toilets, solar hot water systems, and all other plumbing services.


  • Sustainability is an integral part of the design and construction process. From optimising the orientation of the sun for passive solar design through to natural material selection and renewable technologies such as rainwater collection and wastewater treatment, Studio 26 can work with you to meet your requirements. Email Marie here.

Plants and Nurseries

  • Jo and Aaron from Kahikatea farm are local permaculturalists who produce amazing, healthy, organic seedlings of many types. they also provide education through courses and workshops and do consulting as well! 

  • Bernie Gunn from Hawke's Bay Forest Restoration is a skilled native tree nurseryman, with a passion for restorative planting. Bernie's pet project is the reforestation of native plants around Lake Runanga. Anything you want to know about native plants, Bernie can tell you!

Bees and Beekeepers

  • Jack from Kiwi Bees is a keen beekeeper and started the Host a Hive service so that other New Zealanders could also enjoy the fascinating experience of keeping bees. If you are interested in having a beehive at your place but want someone else to don the bee suit for maintenance and honey collection, hosting a hive might be just the option for you.

Funding for environmental initiatives for Hawke's Bay schools

Are you looking for funding for your school to undertake an environmental initiative?