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Central Hawke's Bay Candidates

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We asked the Councillor Candidates these questions

  1. What do you see as the biggest environmental issues facing the district or region you are standing for ? 

  2. How would you want your district/ region to respond to these issues ?

  3. How will you practically and collaboratively support climate action in the district/ region? 

  4. What are your priorities for transport and how would you go about achieving them?

  5. Thinking about council, local business and household activities and their supply chain, food waste collection schemes, solid waste collection and disposal, building, and e-waste, what are your priorities for waste and how would you go about achieving them?

  6. What are your priorities for energy efficiency ? 

  7. Thinking about high density development, development in existing suburban centres, on greenfields sites, and protecting and creating existing green space, waterways and forest, what are your priorities for urban development and how would you go about achieving them?

  8. Have you undertaken training in local government, governance, and/or financial management in the last three years? Would you commit to doing so in the first six months if not?

One candidate responded:

Pip Burn

I am a current Councillor in CHB. As I’m currently a Commissioner on the District Plan there are several topics that I cannot discuss particularly those that relate to urban planning, land use and design. I was elected in 2020 and underwent Resource Management Act/Commissioner Training in 2021. If re-elected , I will continue to undergo professional development.

I am 100% supportive of Central Hawke’s Bay’s waste free initiatives and am a big advocate of reducing waste to landfill. As a council we are working constantly to increase recycling in our district and we are monitoring initiatives for commercial food waste collection, for now many of us settle for pig buckets and the amazing bokashi composting kits from Sustainable Ewe. As a Council we would like to find a green waste compost provider in CHB to reduce the need to transport our waste to Napier. I would love to see the “Dump Shop “return to Waipukurau sooner rather than later and have taken part in every “Second Hand Sunday” since it’s inception.

Central Hawke’s Bay is a desirable place to live but we have a large commuter population - public transport is a no brainer for me. Reducing our carbon footprint whilst lowering the impact to ratepayers of increased living costs is a win-win in anyone’s books.






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