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Volunteers are the life-blood of our organisation. As a registered charity, we couldn't keep our centre open and work on achieving our sustainability objectives without the help of volunteers. 

Our current volunteers come from all walks of life, but share one common interest - helping Hawke's Bay to become more sustainable. We have a variety of roles available. If you think you can help us but don't see something that quite 'fits', please get in touch to talk to the Environment Centre Manager. 

We offer our volunteers a supportive environment, with good training and opportunities to talk to others about sustainability and its challenges, and a chance to help us make a difference in our local area. 

To see our current vacancies for volunteers, visit the Volunteering Hawkes Bay Website, or check out the roles below:

Centre Customer Service / Retail Staff

Help us keep the Environment Centre ticking along by taking one shift per week to answer the phone and assist customers with their enquiries. General shop duties such as light cleaning, filing, and some administrative work.

Time commitment: 3 – 4 hours per week, usually a morning (9 a.m to 12 p.m or 1 p.m) or afternoon shift (12 p.m or 1 p.m to 4 p.m or 5 p.m). 

Location: Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay. Flexibility to assist from time to time at local events is appreciated but not essential.

Litter Cleanup Volunteers

If waste in our environment is one of your bug-bears, you’re just the sort of person we’re looking for to assist with litter clean-ups around the local area. Help our litter educator with public litter clean-ups, or be a local litter clean up host – use our gear and promotional capacity to get a group of people together to clean up a local litter hotspot.

Time commitment: Periodic for 2 – 4 hours.

Location: Usually quite local to Napier / Hastings. Transport from the Environment Centre to and from the clean up location will often be available.

Graphic Designer

Lend us your design skills to smarten up our educational materials, Centre educational displays to help more people engage with environmental learning. Access to graphic design software is required as the Centre can’t provide this.

Time commitment: Periodic, approximately 2 – 4 hours per fortnight.

Location: Onsite at the Environment Centre or from home.


Help us make sure we’re adequately risk-averse and have strong agreements in place to protect our assets etc. Review contracts before we sign, and provide guidance on employment matters.

Time commitment: Periodic

Location: Onsite at the Environment Centre or from home.

Process and policy People

If you love to cross the T’s and dot the I’s, you could help us improve our organisational strength by drafting or reviewing organisational policies to comply with applicable legislation, best practice and funder reporting requirements.

Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per fortnight, likely to be periodic.

Location: Onsite at the Environment Centre or from home.

Event Waste Warriors

If you hate to see things going straight to landfill, here’s your chance to intervene and to help teach the public about better waste management. You’ll be a friendly people person with great verbal communication skills and a good understanding of recycling and composting, although full training will be given. Man our recycling stations at local events and provide advice and instruction to the public on separating their waste for optimum diversion from landfill.

Time commitment: Periodic – although commonly on weekends. Usual shifts between 3 and 6 hours in length at local events where our recycling stations are in use.

Location: Could be anywhere in the local area.

Board Secretary

With familiarity with board processes and great oral and written communication skills and an eye for detail, you’re ideal for our next Board Secretary. Assist the Centre Manager and Chairperson to arrange and prepare the board for monthly meetings, including preparing and sending out the agenda, attending board meetings to take minutes, writing up and distributing minutes. Additional administrative tasks may be available if desired.

Time commitment: Approximately 2 – 3 hours per month. Availability to attend Board Meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from 5:30 p.m – 7 p.m is essential.

Location: Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay, from home for some tasks by arrangement


Do you ‘get’ the world of charities and understand how to tell stories to motivate funders and the public to provide financial support? Can you organise and run fundraising events including street appeals, postal appeals and online campaigns? Are you confident in talking to people in business and asking for their support of worthy projects with great local community benefits? You would be a great addition to the team as a fundraiser. Help write funding applications, liaise with funders and supporters under the direction of the Centre Manager and create compelling offers. Experience in fundraising, sales or marketing is highly regarded.

Time commitment: 2 – 4 hours per week, usually during Centre opening hours, but occasionally outside if available.

Location: Onsite at the Environment Centre, in the local urban areas and businesses or from home.

Board Members

Help guide Sustaining Hawke’s Bay Trust into the future by applying your governance experience. You’ll have a clear head on your shoulders, have knowledge of the non-profit world, have a good appreciation for the merits of a healthy environment and be able to contribute time and energy to the successful ongoing delivery and development of the services and education we offer. You’ll be a team player and communicate well.

Time commitment: Emails etc 4 – 5 hours per month, Meetings 2 hours per month, Representation at local events/ environmental consultations etc – periodic as arranged with the rest of the Board.

Location: Predominently from home / work, although meetings and event representation will be at various sites around the Hastings / Napier areas.

E-Waste Dismantlers

Help us to dismantle electronic waste and separate the components into their material types. Great for people with manual dexterity and an interest in how things work.

Time commitment: 2 – 4 hours per week

Location: Environment Centre site only.


Help us keep the demonstration spray-free garden looking flash with regular general maintenance (watering, weeding, mulching, pruning, composting, replanting etc) and develop other garden related displays (eg building planter boxes from old pallets, create informational signage etc). There may be opportunities for experienced gardeners to hold tutorials for groups or the public. May include seed saving and raising. Knowledge of organic management practices and soil health are essential.

Time commitment: 2 – 4 hours per week

Location: Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay

Photographer / Videographer

Help us tell the story of our work to funders and to the public with high quality photos taken at events, workshops, on project sites, or by arrangement in the Centre.

Time commitment: Periodic for short periods of time.

Location: Various, predominantly Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay but also at local events and work sites.

Marketing Pro

Do you know the ins and outs of what pushes people’s buttons and gets them to take notice? We need your skills to help us formulate impactful educational materials and to assist with telling our stories to the public and our funders. Skills on social media are desirable but not essential.

Time commitment: 1 – 2 hours per week.

Location: Onsite at the Environment Centre or from home.

Retail Sales Specialist

Take responsibility for the retail display area, stock management, visual merchandising, online sales and despatch of mail ordered items. Investigate and make recommendations on products to stock or discontinue selling. Support customer service volunteers by training them on products sold and using the till and eftpos. You will have recent experience working in retail, and an understanding of and commitment to sustainability.

Time commitment: 3 – 4 hours each week during Centre open hours.

Location: Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay

Researchers and Copy Writers

Are you a whizz with digesting sometimes complicated information and making it easily accessible to the general public? Can you find out about anything and recognise credible information when you see it? We need people to help research topics of environmental interest and write copy for our website, information sheets or educational displays on a variety of environmental topics.

Time commitment: Approximately 2 – 4 hours a fortnight

Location: Onsite at the Environment Centre or from home.

Workshop Tutors

Do your friends consider you a pro at being ‘green’? Do you have great knowledge and environmental skills to share with others? Share your knowledge with others and let the Environment Centre take care of the venue and promotions. Great communication skills and excellent real life environmental enhancement experience are essential.

Time commitment: 2 hours every few months, plus planning.

Location: Usually at the Environment Centre, but may be other sites by prior arrangement.

Volunteer Manager

With so many new volunteers coming on board, we need someone to coordinate the paperwork, keep our induction and training on track, provide inductions on Environment Centre Health and Safety and other policies and to keep in touch with volunteers who don’t regularly attend the Environment Centre. You will have great people skills, and be a strong communicator and motivator and ideally have worked as a volunteer or in a voluntary organisation previously.

Time commitment: 1 – 4 hours per week, as needed.

Location: Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay predominantly, although some tasks may be undertaken from home.

Event Organisers

Have you got an eye for detail and a love of running a good event? It might be an event that the Centre organises, or it could be for our attendance at an external event. You’ll love processes and planning, and be able to work with people to achieve great buy in. Work in with other Centre volunteers to plan the promotions, and liaise with suppliers and vendors for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Time commitment: Periodic, approximately 6 – 8 hours per month.

Location: Onsite at the Environment Centre and from home.