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Useful links to other websites

Hastings District Council Recycling Guide

Compost/Bokashi/ Worm Farms

We support all these systems at the Environment Centre but our Friends at Compost Collective in Auckland have a beautiful website all set up to lead you through some of the essential steps.


Biodiversity Hawke's Bay  is coordinating efforts to protect and enhance our Biodiversity in Hawke's Bay. There are many ways to get involved and support Biodiversity in Hawke's Bay

3R Reimagineers

3R design and develop product stewardship programmes for industry and business.

What 3R is doing behind the scenes and in working with Industry is always interesting and it's great to have their expertise in our neighborhood

Agirculture & Horticulture

A number of different companies provide recycling services here are links to 2 of them which should cover the majority of needs.

Workshop PPT's

Download  slides from our Worm Farm and Bokashi workshops

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