We are committed to the recovery, recycling, and up-cycling of electronic equipment. As part of this, we offer for sale second-hand electronic equipment that has been tested and tagged to AS/NZS 5761:2011 by our qualified E-Certifier. 


Our prices are competitive and reflect the nature of the product. All products are of acceptable quality and fit for purpose. ‘Acceptable quality’ is what a reasonable consumer would expect and depends on age and condition, and any information you are given concerning the product. 


As part of our product stewardship, any second-hand electronic products purchased from us can be returned for free to Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay, provided the Certification Tags are in place and intact. Naturally, we take customer rights seriously and we will comply with the Consumers Guarantee Act 1993 as required.

Scroll down for most recent listings in the shop. Note these cannot be reserved and items change quickly so may not be available.

HP PC, 500GB Hard drive, 8GB Ram, 22inch screen display, Keyboard/mouse/charger included, Windows 10 Pro, i5 3.2 GHz 

Logitech surround sound not included (SOLD)

Remotes: $5 each

Belkin SurgeCube: $10 each

SOLD- HP PC, 500GB Hard drive, 4GB Ram, 3.1 GHz, i5, Windows 10 Pro, Username home, Password home

HP Pro Book Laptop, 500gb hard drive, 8gb Ram, 15 inch screen, INtel core i5 3320, 2.6 Ghz, Windows 10

Sony Vaoi Laptop, 500gb Hard Drive, 4gb Ram, 15inch screen, Intel Core i5, 2.5ghz, Windows 10 Home.


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