Please note we provide these recycling items as a service with no income for the majority of items. Separation of product streams is essential to keep our partners happy and to minimise the work and time for our volunteers. We appreciate your assistance.

Ink Cartridges and Toners

Free unlimited recycling

Oral Care Products

Free, unlimited recycling - refer to picture for accepted items

Batteries (all types)

Free, unlimited recycling of household batteries

Waste Vegetable Oil

Free household volume recycling

Aluminium Screw caps

Free, unlimited aluminiumn screw caps from wine, liquor and similar bottles

PP5 Bottle tops and containers up to 2litres


Bread tags


All candle waxes

These will be made into fire starters.

Coffee Capsules

Free recycling - Nespresso.

Dulce Gusto (these must be drained/emptied).


Free, unlimited recycling - collected for Sustainable Coastlines Charitable Trust.

Fluorescent Bulbs and Tubes

A small $1 per bulb fee is required to cover direct costs.

Metal Bottle Tops

Free, unlimited recycling of metal bottle tops from beer bottles and similar drinks

Aluminium foil and trays

Clean foil only.

HDPE 2 Bottle tops


Glad wrap, ziplock bags, food storage containers

Please ensure these products are clean. We only accept food storage containers, not take away containers.

Collective range suckies


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