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Hawke's Bay 

Our Trustees

Tony Smith is our Chair.  He's been on the Board for two years and comes from a background in Education. He's an organiser and knows how to run a meeting efficiently.

Neil Attapatu is our Treasurer and comes from a background in banking and Finance.  It's thanks to Neil that the Trust is in such a strong position financially.

Cynthia Growden is motivated to work towards sustainability. She's been associated with the Centre since 2012 and brings knowledge of sustainable action to the Board.

Marion Thomson is a long-serving supporter of the Centre in Hawke's Bay.  She has links to Tertiary Education and is knowledgeable about horticulture and growing.

John Adams has recently moved to Hawke's Bay and has previously worked in similar groups in Southland and Canterbury. He works in the Health sector.

Jamie Thompson has recently joined our Board and offers much experience as a qualified Prince2 project manager. He works in the rural sector.