DemoSite HB Enviro Centre

Hawke's Bay 

Home food production workshop 1 & 2

What: Home Food Production Workshops

Where: The Environment Centre

Attendees: Sixteen people maximum - Please register by contacting us.

Time:  Two x Two hour workshops (participants can attend workshop one, two or both)

Format:  Slide presentation and interactive talk, plus visit to Environment Centre garden to view water harvesting, composting and growing area.

This introductory level two-part workshop is aimed at those who want to grow their own food at home but don't know how or where to start. Our experienced tutor is a passionate gardener and educator who loves growing things to eat. We’ll cover lots of tried and tested techniques for making edible gardening reasonable and achievable without breaking our backs or our bank balances. A delicious meal from our garden in ten minutes a day? Possibly. Ask questions, see examples of real solutions to common problems and get enthusiastic about a realistic and sustainable approach to edible gardening.

Places are strictly limited due to venue space constraints so please register early to reserve your space. See below for workshop content.

In part one we'll cover:

  • How to choose where to grow things to eat (shade, sun, water,           access)
  • Setting up beds
  • Assessing your soil
  • Preparing to grow and improving your site
  • Planning some practical next steps

In part two we’ll cover

  • Planning what and how much you want to grow
  • Seasonal growing and eating
  • Sowing seeds and sourcing seedlings
  • Growing our soil and recycling our waste
  • Planning some practical next steps
We highly recommend beginner and intermediate gardeners attend both sessions and take away tips for growing a great edible garden, ideas for what to do in the next few weeks and a renewed enjoyment of the gardening experience.