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Hawke's Bay 

Home composting for beginners

Having trouble with your compost? Smelly? Slimy? Lumpy? Lifeless? Perhaps you don’t have enough compost? Or you don’t have enough space to turn your waste into beautiful, rich, soil-enhancing compost. Every garden deserves a fully functioning compost system. If you’re currently buying compost for your garden, you’ll save the cost of this course just by making your next batch of compost yourself. And if you’re taking garden waste to the tip you’ll save on those costs too.

Join us to learn how to made compost successfully as there is an art and science to making compost quickly and easily. 

Learn how to make a compost heap, why compost is important, see compost at different stages of its life, choose a system that will work for you and find out what to leave out and why. Plus do you need a wormery or bokashi bucket instead of or in addition to your compost system? 

Learn how to do several composting techniques to capture nutrient from organic waste to return it as fertiliser for your garden.

This workshop covers:

- Why compost?
- Siting your compost
- What to compost and what to expect from your compost
- Pest control (animal and plants)
- Hot composting
- Cold composting
- Compost tea (seaweed, manure, nutrient crops)

Practical compost workshop – includes comprehensive notes to take away. Register today!