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Green Drinks

Green Drinks was relaunched under the umbrella of Environment Centre Hawke's Bay.  It is a grass roots, community event that is:

  • An opportunity to come together (bi monthly) with like-minded locals to talk about sustainability and the environment.
  • An opportunity to visit various local places, business premises etc. that have a great sustainability story.
  • Inclusive.
  • Organised locally for the benefit of locals.
  • Non-profit
  • Run responsibly.
  • Informal and fun!

Green Drinks is not:

  • A forum for political persuasion or messages
  • A channel to circulate news or announcements about environmental issues
  • A sales opportunity for your business (but by all means share your knowledge)
  • Heavy and depressing (we’ll focus on cool innovations, new and old products/services; actions              and solutions rather than problems)

We are always looking for hosts so if you would be keen or interested to know a bit more about what is involved then please contact the Green Drinks Coordinator.

If you would like to attend green drinks or be placed on our mailing list please email Penny Andersen (Green Drinks Coordinator) –

October  2019 Green Drinks
Eco Kiosk

Garon and Shaz opened Eco Kiosk in November of 2018. They bring a wide range of everyday products under one roof. Their aim is to make it easy to buy everything needed for the home and business at the same time.  Eco Kiosk’s range and selection of eco-friendly products allows one to make convenient and affordable choices and change. 


Their uniqueness lies in the refillery – over 140 cleaning and body/hair-care products can be refilled into an individuals own containers, minimising plastic waste.  Businesses can also buy in bulk to suit their needs, filling and refilling containers to increase sustainability within their organisation. 


Reduce, reuse, recycle,  REFILL

Past Green Drinks Events

August 2019

Jen, Lucie and Dylan (part of the team at Plastic Free Hawkes Bay talked about their current and planned campaigns - a reusable cup project called The Kapu Challenge and a workshop focused campaign with new parents, The Cloth Nappy Project. They also talked about some of the things they do to reduce the plastic in their lives. This was a great evening with a lot of lively discussion. Their facebook page is well worth a visit.

May 2019

Andrew and Alessandra Tuck hosted this event at their sustainable house. It was still under construction and we we able to see their dream, a straw bale house taking shape.

April 2019

A tour of the  Hastings DIstrict Council Water treatment plant at Clive. For those who missed the annual open day, this was a great opportunity to hear about how our sewage is processed in a culturally sensitive and environment friendly way.

February 2019
Mangarara Family Farm & Lodge, Elsthorpe

The ‘Family Farm’ is committed to producing healthy food, ethical animal husbandry, regenerative agriculture/land stewardship ( foundation of the future of civilization ), building community and the local economy and providing accommodation, education and inspiration. 

December 2018 -
Environment Centre, Nourished for Nil, World Organics - 1004 Karamu Road Hastings

World Organics -A family business devoted to natural, healthy vitality (for women/men) and well being.  Learn more about their philosopy and wonderful range and packaging

Environment Centre Hawkes Bay -  As well as a shop they provide a services for specialist recycling,  that includes electronic waste (there is a workshop onsite),  batteries, cell phone and coffee capsules. They also provide a zero waste service for events aimed at diverting waste from landfill by extracting from the waste stream what can be recycled or composted.

Nourish for Nil -  Their mission …to rescue surplus food that is good enough to eat but no longer good enough to sell and redistribute within the community

Green Drinks adheres to a code for the enjoyment of all participants. 

Check our events list to find out when and where the next Green Drinks is on