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Hawke's Bay 


For a small fee, you can drop off your e-waste at the Environment Centre, 1004 Karamu Rd North, Hastings for responsible, safe disposal. Please note that as a Not for Profit Trust we ask our customers to share in the cost. 

Electronic waste (E-Waste) is defined as obsolete, broken or end-of-life electrical devices. Examples include anything with a power cord or data capabilities - computers, fans, phones, printers, TV's etc. 
E-Waste Item - prices current at March 2016
 Price each (incl GST)
CRT TV's (old style with deep backs)
 LCD and Plasma TV's
 CRT Computer Monitors
 LCD Computer Monitors
 All computers - Desktop, Laptop, Server
 Microwaves, Bread Machines, Stereo Systems (separate speakers), Vacuum cleaners
 Hubs, Switches, Routers, Patch Panels and Modems
 Printers (printing only no fax/copy or scan function) and standalone scanners
 Multifunction Printers (with integrated copy/scan and/or fax functions) and Fax Machines
 Photocopier - Business Version (small to medium)
 $35.00 / $48.00
 Photocopier (large)
 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
 Stereo/Radio (inbuilt speakers), Gaming Consoles, DVD & VCR players
 Heaters (we do not accept oil column heaters), power tools, phones, cameras, small appliances (incl blenders, toasters etc)
 All other items charged per kilo
 $2.50 per kilo

PAYMENT: Cash and EFTPOS are available in store. Cash and cheque are accepted for home pickups. We can invoice schools, organisations and businesses by arrangement.        

PICK UP: A pickup service is available on request for an additional fee - minimum charge: Hastings/ Havelock North/ Flaxmere urban area: $20. Napier urban area: $40. Please contact us for a quote. Sometimes we are able to co-ordinate pick ups so that this cost can be shared. 

We also accept commercial quantities of E-Waste just contact us to discuss your requirements.

We cannot accept whiteware.

NOTE: We do not return or resell items of E-Waste to their previous owner or anybody else, once it comes to us it will be recycled. Your items cannot be recovered after being dropped off with us. Please make sure that you remove all data off your computer and take CDs out of stereos. For health and safety reasons, no member of the public is allowed into our processing area.