Electronic waste (E-Waste) is defined as obsolete, broken or end-of-life electrical devices. Examples include anything with a power cord or data capabilities - computers, fans, phones, printers, TV's etc. 


E-Waste is one of the fastest-growing categories of hazardous waste in the world because of rapid technology change, low initial cost and planned obsolescence.


Most E-Waste contains some valuable recoverable metals (e.g. gold, copper, steel and aluminum) that can be recycled to make new goods, reducing demands on raw materials. Unfortunately, it can also contain toxic materials, such as lead, phosphorus, mercury, cadmium and brominated flame retardant plastics. It's really important to keep these toxins out of landfills to avoid leaching into the soil or groundwater to preserve the health of our ecosystem.


All E-waste is assessed to determine its suitability for repair, certification, upcycling or recycling. Items to be recycled are dismantled by our volunteers before it is sent to local recyclers. E-Waste that can’t be processed locally is sent out of town to specialist recyclers who conform to government standards, so you can be assured that your E-waste will be processed in an environmentally responsible manner.  


As a registered Charity, we ask our customers to share the cost of recycling the E-Waste to cover the storage, handling, transport, sorting, recycling, and safe disposal. 


Cash and EFTPOS are available in store. Cash and cheque are accepted for home pickups. We can invoice schools, organisations, and businesses by arrangement.        



A pickup service is available on request for an additional fee - minimum charge: Hastings/ Havelock North/ Flaxmere urban area: $20. Napier urban area: $40. Please contact us for a quote. Sometimes we are able to co-ordinate pickups so that this cost can be shared. 

We also accept commercial quantities of E-Waste just contact us to discuss your requirements.


We cannot accept whiteware.



We do not return items of E-Waste to their previous owner or anybody else, once it comes to us it will be recycled or refurbished, in which case, all personal data will be wiped to industry data security standards. We recommend you remove all personal data off your computer and do a factory reset prior to dropping it off.  Please remember to take CDs out of stereos.