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What is Bokashi?

Bokashi is an alternative to composting which is easy, convenient and a safe way to compost food waste if you live in a household with limited space.

The word 'Bokashi' originates from Japan and means 'fermented organic matter'. Bokashi systems use sawdust that's been inoculated with special microorganisms which anaerobically ferment, or break down, organic waste. The finished product can be dug directly into the soil where it can take anywhere from a fortnight to a month to fully mix in depending upon the natural background biological activity and climate.

There are a number of advantages of the Bokashi system:

  • It's both compact and efficient.
  • It's a fast process (it takes approximately two weeks to break down food waste).  
  • Breaks down food items that other conventional options can't, such as, meat, fish, onion,                  citrus even cheese.
  • The liquid that drains into the lower bucket during fermentation is a powerful cleaner and can       be diluted for use as a fertiliser for your plants.
  • It's odour free!

The Environment Centre sells Bokashi systems and the Zing sawdust. For more information or to purchase a Bokashi system visit us or call on 06 870 4942.