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Trustee's Wanted Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay

Who we are

Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay (ECHB) is a Environment focused climate action organisation based in Aotearoa/New Zealand. With operations across the Hawke’s Bay region, ECHB currently operates a Centre in Hastings and looking to have a physical presence in Napier, Wairoa and Central Hawke’s Bay.  The trust is in a growth phase and is extending its operations across six strategic pou i.e. Food resilience, Biodiversity, water health and abundance, safe and circular economy, energy and transport, Transition town and eco district.

As a trust we believe we are all stewards of our environment, and how we treat our environment now will shape the world we are living in tomorrow; the health of our planet is intertwined with our future.

We are changing the terms in our trust deed to run for 3 years with up to 8 trustees. A number of our trustees are standing for reelection, but we also need new trustees.  We would like to increase the diversity of our board and exceed our Te Tiriti obligations, being a good partner to Mana Whenua. We need  individuals passionate about climate action and environmental restoration with diverse skill sets to help us steward the organisation in this challenging yet opportunity packed time.

Ko te uaratanga – our mission: To inspire and empower people, businesses, and community to create a resilient and regenerative Hawke’s Bay within social and ecological planetary boundaries.

Ko te whakakitenga – our vision: A resilient connected community with strong localised regenerative food systems, restored biodiversity, and a circular economy within Hawke’s Bay social and ecological boundaries.


What’s involved:

Within our organisation, our Trustees take on a general governance role or specialist role in leading an area of our organization such as Chair, Secretary, Treasurer. Any specialisation is typically aligned with the strengths and interests of individuals. As a Trustee, you will assist in the strategic development of the Sustaining Hawke’s Bay Trust (Environment Centre Hawke’s Bay), including (but not limited to): overseeing policy development; helping set the direction of the organisation; and ensuring that the services offered are (a) compatible with the mission and objectives of our Charitable Trust, and, (b) that these are responsive and relevant to the needs of the wider Community.


What we’re looking for:

We are particularly interested in hearing from individuals with strengths and interest in any of the following areas:

Te Ao Māori, Tikanga, Strong relationships with local Hāpu and Iwi, Non-profit management, Business management, Accounting, Law, Education, Conservation, Advocacy, Communications/marketing, Fundraising,  Social work and equitable outcomes, Scientific expertise in Water and / or biodiversity,  Event management, Change management -Human psychology and behavior change, Communications/ Marketing, Information technology, Advocacy/ public policy, Trust Board administration, Well-networked with influencers.


Our trustees :

  • Are committed to the mission and objectives of the Trust. Contribute to evolving the mission and purposes of the trust as needed

  • Represent the Trust in a manner consistent with its mission, objectives, and policies.

  • Ensure the organization and board build strong relationships with our local Tangata whenua. Ensure we exceed our Te Tiriti obligations and are a good partner.

  • Regularly assess Trust activities and seek feedback on the organisation’s and Board’s performance

  • Proactively engage in group decision-making and help develop an inclusive sense of shared purpose. Decision-making will be by consensus wherever possible.

  • Collectively ensure legal and ethical integrity. Help the trust uphold the usual legal and ethical responsibilities of a governance board (health and safety, privacy, audit and risk, ensuring all policies that are needed are in place etc)

  • Collectively ensure adequate financial resources. Protect assets and provide financial oversight.

  • Assist with developing a Fundraising strategy and program

  • Build and sustain a competent board.

  • Enhance the organization’s public standing. and advocate for them

If your are interested in becoming a trustee and believe you have the skills we are looking for, please download an application form here:

Application form

Please submit this form, no later than 5pm on the 11th of November  All nominations will go through a vetting process with a governance committee to determine if they are a match for the board's needs before going to AGM for elections.

Additional Information

Governance Booklet

Strategic Plan

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