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Environment Centre Hawke's Bay is operated by Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust

Waste Tours

The Environment Centre conducts site tours of the Henderson Road Refuse Transfer Station and Omarunui Landfill on behalf of Hasting's District Council for schools based in the Hasting's District. 

School groups are required to provide their own transport to, between, around and from the sites.

Tours are led by waste educators, who inform the group on waste management practices and opportunities in Hawke's Bay. Each tour is tailored to the level of the group. It is recommended that the tour is part of wider learning about waste or the natural environment and is not viewed as a recreational day out. Our educators require follow up from teachers in a method appropriate for the age group.

If you're interested in bringing your school group through the transfer station and landfill for a tour, please contact the Environment Centre for more information and to book on 06 8704942.