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Why Recycle?

Recycling is an important step in waste management because it diverts waste from landfill and recovers valuable components and materials that would otherwise be buried, contaminated and unavailable to us. Recycling can help us to minimise the energy needed to produce materials like plastic (which is often made from oil) and metals (which are mined out of the ground) because we melt down what we're finished with and make it into something new, without having to find, extract, purify or transport the raw materials.

There are lots of websites out there dedicated to recycling - two of the best are:

Recycling Tips

  • Clean or remove the food scraps left in packaging 
  • Roll aluminium foil into a ball ready for recycling
  • Flatten boxes
  • Place items loosely in recycling bins
  • Biodegradable bags should go in your compost as they won't break down in landfill

Free recycling at Environment Centre Hawke's Bay
*charges may apply to bulk volumes