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Green Drinks

Green Drinks was recently relaunched under the umbrella of Environment Centre Hawke's Bay.  It is a grass roots, community event that is:

  • An opportunity to come together (bi monthly) with like-minded locals to talk about sustainability        and the environment.
  • An opportunity to visit various local places, business premises etc. that have a great sustainability         story.
  • Inclusive.
  • Organised locally for the benefit of locals.
  • Non-profit - small charges may apply at some venues only to cover costs.
  • A social activity.
  • Run responsibly.
  • Informal and fun!

Green Drinks is not:

  • A forum for political persuasion or messages
  • A channel to circulate news or announcements about environmental issues - we know you                  already get enough of that
  • A sales opportunity for your business (but by all means share your knowledge with people)
  • Heavy and depressing (we’ll focus on cool innovations, new and old products/services; actions              and solutions rather than problems)

We are always looking for hosts so if you would be keen or interested to know a bit more about what is involved then please contact the Green Drinks Coordinator.

If you would like to attend green drinks or be placed on our mailing list please email Penny Andersen (Green Drinks Coordinator) –

December 2017 Green Drinks

Hosted at  Trade Aid, Havelock North

Brenda Armstrong  (Trade Aid Educator) gave a presentation "Trade Aid - The Green /Sustainable Side of the Story". 

Starting from small beginnings in Christchurch (by founders Vi and Richard Cottrell), Trade Aid has flourished into a network of fabulous shops throughout New Zealand stocking quality handmade, hand grown, ‘fair trade’ products sourced from more than 65 trading partner organisations, who represent hundreds and thousands of small farmers and artisans in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Palestine and the Pacific.

The organisation is 100% committed to a way of trade which helps improve the lives of the talented producers and artisans around the globe.  Trade Aid works to change the lives of these producers through an alternative way of doing business i.e. following the 10 ‘key’ principles of Fair Trade which were created by the The World Fair Trade Organization.  These principles guide the day-to-day work and decision making of Trade Aid. The principles can be  found at

Past Green Drinks Events

October 2017 - BioRich Limited

Nigel Halpin provided a tour of BioRich's Awatoto site., showing how organic material that is usually sent to landfill is turned into compost.

August 2017 - Living Without rubbish hosted at the Environment Centre Hawkes Bay. Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince are the No-Waste nomads behind the Rubbish Trip.. A roaming zero waste roadshow.

May 2017 - Hosted by Blackcatberries Tony and Julie Maurenbaucher designed and built their rammed earth house. At drinnks they were accompanied by a local licensed builder Pat Mawson owner of R M Strawbale Limted.

June 2017 "Potting Shed" - Hosted at EIT (Taradale Campus)

February 2017 - Sirtrack wildlife tracking solutions

March 2016 - Hosted by Hastings District Council. Drinks and nibbles at the Kiosk followed by a tour to the lookout of the landfill and a talk about waste.

August 2016 - Cape Sanctuary Clifton.

Hannah Blunhardt and Liam Prince are the No-Waste Moads behind The Rubbish Trip - a zero waste roadshow..

October 2016 - Cornucopia organics.

December 2016  Cape Sanctuary is a wildlife restoration project established in 2006 by landowners of the Cape Kidnappers peninsula, Hawke's Bay.
The landowners share a vision extending beyond 50 years to restore the coastal communities of land and sea birds, reptiles and invertebrates that would once have existed on the Cape Kidnappers peninsula. The project aims to achieve nationally significant species conservation gains within a highly modified farming and multi-use landscape including forestry, tourism and recreation.

Green Drinks adheres to a code for the enjoyment of all participants. 

Check our events list to find out when and where the next Green Drinks is on