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Environment Centre Hawke's Bay is operated by Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust

Goods Donations

Below is a wish list of things that we would like for the Environment Centre. If you have any of these spare or excess to your requirements, and you're happy to donate them to the Centre, please drop them in to us at 809 Karamu Road North during our opening hours. 

Things we would like
Quantity Required 
 What they're for
Clean, good quality cushions
 Approx 30
 For kids to sit on when visiting the centre to stay comfortable (and warm on the cold floor on cold days)
 A curtain rail (2.5m approx length)
For displaying curtains in our Home Performance corner
 A great quality curtain - thick, double layered if possible - approx 2 - 2.5m in length
 Single curtain
For displaying ideal curtaining in our Home Performance corner
 A terrible quality curtain - threadbare, single layered, ripped, approx 1.2m in length
 Single curtain
For displaying sub-standard curtaining in our Home Performance corner 
Environmental pictures and art for our walls
Depends on size
Brightening up the Centre, inspiring visitors to appreciate NZ's natural beauty
New Christmas Cards (+ envelopes)
 Approx 50
 For sending out to our members and supporters this festive season to thank for their support
 A picnic table in good condition 
 For visitors to sit at in our demonstration backyard to enjoy the surroundings comfortably, and for our volunteers to use to rest in the garden
 Dinners plates, bowls
 approx 4 of each
 For our tea room for volunteer use
 Christmas Decorations
 Enough to make a christmas window display
 To help us make a festive display in the Centre