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Environment Centre Hawke's Bay is operated by Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust

Events and Workshops

The Environment Centre runs a selection of events and workshops throughout the year on sustainability topics.

  1. February 4th (Saturday) Sow your Winter Edible Garden workshop 10-11.30am
  2. February 25th (Saturday) Home Food Production Part 1 10-12
  3. March 4th (Saturday) Home Food Production Part 2 10-12
  4. March 25th (Saturday) Worm Farms 10-12
  5. April  8th (Saturday) Composting for Beginners workshop 10-12
  6. May 20th (Saturday) Home Food Production Part 1 10-12
  7. June 24th (Saturday) Home Food Production Part 2 10-12
  8. July 22nd (Saturday Composting for Beginners Workshhop 10-12
  9. September 9th (Saturday) Home Food Production Part 1 10-12
  10. September 23rd (Saturday) Home Food Production Part 2 10-12
  11. October 14th (Saturday) Sow your Summer Edible Garden workshop 10-11.30

Home Food Production Workshop - Part 1

Environment Centre Hawke's Bay, 809 Karamu Road, Hastings

Saturday 8th April 2017 10:00am – 12:00pm

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This introductory level workshop, held across two sessions is aimed at people who want to grow their own food at home but don't know how or where to start. Our experienced tutor is a passionate gardener and educator with a penchant for good, healthy, homegrown food.

Places are strictly limited due to venue space constraints so please register early to reserve your space. 

In part 2, we'll cover:
- Planning your garden and choosing what to grow
- Sourcing plants (seedlings versus seed raised at home, cuttings etc for woody herbs)
- Seed propagation and saving
- Home food production as a closed loop system - returning nutrients to the soil by composting/worm farming
- Sharing and swapping food with the community.

We highly recommend beginner or intermediate gardeners interested in growing your own healthy, delicious, nutritious food make time to come to both sessions as you'll learn a lot of important stuff at both.

For more information, please call the Environment Centre from Wednesday to Friday during the day or Saturday mornings.