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Environment Centre Hawke's Bay is operated by Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust

Our Vision

The Trust's vision is to see a Hawke's Bay community where people are actively engaged with sustainability and environmental matters and where sustainable practices are a part of everyone's daily lives.

Simply stated:

"That Hawke's Bay is a sustainable community, in its rural and urban land use and in everyone's daily living behaviours."

Our Mission
"Supporting people to create a sustainable Hawke's Bay community."

Our Role


By actively demonstrating a participative and cooperative approach, and providing positive solutions.

By engaging with communities, global, national, and local, and enabling new actions to be taken in adapting to sustainable personal behaviours and         business practices. 

By establishing strong networks to extend the understanding of the wider issues relating to creating a sustainable community by representation, creating affiliations, sharing information and supporting like-minded organisations.

By raising the level of community awareness, consumer practices and behaviours of sustainable and environmentally friendly activities.
By running community courses, conducting presentations, seminars and forums.
By identifying relevant information sources and gathering and distributing to interested parties.

Our Values

Our outward and inward connectedness
We promote sustainability both out in our community and within the operations of Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust.
Out in the community through our activities; and internally, through our working practices (use of recycled paper, environment friendly material resources, energy savings). We endeavour to walk the talk of sustainability.
Our wish is to help people understand in a simple way what sustainability is about, and to find easy ways to implement sustainable practices in their         day-to-day life.

Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust is a professional, non-profit, registered charitable trust. We are passionate about what we are doing, and work in a clear and structured way to be a valued and authoritative organisation in the Hawke's Bay community.

Our role is to generate a positive dialogue in the community, and to share our knowledge, experience and expertise, and the information we believe to be useful for a sustainable future. We are open to new ideas and opportunities.

We practice a cooperative, collaborative and warm collegiality to our task and in trust operations and activities.

The Trustees of the Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust are dedicated and enthusiastic in helping people receive consistent, relevant, complete and useful information. We have huge energy and passion for the creation of a better earth.

Our Commitment

Sustaining Hawke's Bay Trust is committed to the principles of strong sustainability. This model recognises that the economy is a subset of society (i.e. it only exists in the context of a society), and that many important aspects of society do not involve economic activity. Similarly, human society and the economic activity within it are totally constrained by the natural systems of our planet.